Christabel Helena Anderson

Holy Icons

Christabel Helena Anderson is an iconographer based in London, United Kingdom. She specialises in the creation of Holy Icons in egg tempera on wood, illuminated miniature paintings in hand made watercolour on vellum, and cloisonné, champlevé and painted vitreous enamels created within the Tradition of the Holy Orthodox Church. The designs, methods and materials are inspired by sacred iconographic exemplars and the art, architecture and manuscripts of Britain and Ireland from the late antique and early medieval periods.

In contemplative prayer each piece is meticulously researched, designed and created using exactingly hand prepared exquisite natural materials. These include carved lime wood icon panels, stretched vellum, mineral and earth pigments, 24 carat Italian gold leaf and gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and pearls.

In addition, Christabel is a specialist in gilding techniques, early quill written letterforms and hand made inks. She is a GIA Accredited Jewellery Professional, Queen Elizabeth Scholar, and an INTBAU Young Practitioner. Christabel occasionally writes for the Orthodox Arts Journal, as well as teaching from her London studio and at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts where she is also a doctoral researcher sponsored by the A. G. Leventis Foundation.

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